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C. M. Ramsburg is a Host and Interviewer for CBR (Comic Book Resources). She writes an array of interviews, reviews, features, and news articles centered around anime, webtoons, comics, k-dramas, and pop culture for their global online community. As a host, she conducts high-profile interviews with some of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry. She also serves as CBR's anime newsletter manager and the lead authority over Webtoon-related content. All of her published articles for CBR can be read here. She also presents and provides live coverage at cons across the country.


In November 2021, C. M. Ramsburg was hired as a full-time Writer for her alma mater—the University of Florida. She was recently promoted to Editor & Writer in her current full-time role at the university. While working for both UF and CBR, she is studying to earn her Master's in Digital Journalism and Design from the University of South Florida.


C. M. Ramsburg is also a YA Fantasy author and the blogger behind Ramstrology, the astrology blog written by an Aries Ram. In November 2020, she participated in and won her first NaNoWriMo by writing an entire novel in a month called SON OF THE SUN, a YA Fantasy novel based on Astrology and Zodiac Mythology. She studies the Greek, Vedic, Chinese, Celtic, Egyptian, and Mayan Zodiacs to highlight their diverse cultural influences. Her educational background includes Classics and Astronomy, which encouraged her to bring these disciplines together in her writing. SON OF THE SUN is currently being queried as she writes her latest novel, BEFORE THUNDER.


Graduating from the University of Florida a year early, C. M. Ramsburg earned both a B.A. in History and a B.A. in Geography. Through her Geography studies, she also earned a Certificate in Meteorology and Climatology. Her meteorological education and experience working in a weather studio inspired her latest weather-based fantasy novel, BEFORE THUNDER.

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