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Books by C. M. Ramsburg


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SON OF THE SUN is a YA Fantasy novel based on Greek and Vedic Astrology. Allen Aster, King of the Zodiac Keepers and the incarnation of the Sun, has died. His 16-year-old son, Alec Aster, is unaware of his family’s legacy.


As the power of the Zodiac secretly exists in the modern day, 12 Zodiac Keepers embodying the 12 Houses of the Zodiac operate in the shadows to protect Earth and its inhabitants. The Zodiac Keepers must prepare Alec, the unsuspecting heir to the throne, for succession. However, Alec must prove his worth to the overseeing Stars of the Zodiac before awakening the power of the Sun lying dormant within him.

Meanwhile, the chaotic ancient spirit of Rahu has returned to take advantage of Alec’s vulnerable position. As the legendary North Node, he conspires to extinguish the Sun and cast the world into eternal darkness. Rahu begins to meticulously recruit Zodiac Keepers to his sinister cause, promising them freedom in exchange for their allegiance. This divides the Zodiac Keepers, causing a civil war to gradually unfold.


In Progress

BEFORE THUNDER is a YA Fantasy novel based on meteorology and weather systems. As the lone survivor of the Lightning System, 14-year-old Zane is a social outcast who threatens the current hierarchy of Caelum by digging into his System's violent and mysterious past.

A city floating among the clouds, Caelum is home of various weather systems that control the weather and climate on the ground below. These Systems are comprised of powerful beings who control one aspect of the weather and they work together to maintain balance on earth. However, pending war between these factions signals a catastrophic weather event that threatens Earth's inhabitants who are unaware of Caelum's existence.

As the former ruler of Caelum, the Lightning System was accused of conspiring against the humans of Earth in a diabolical plan known as the  "Mortal Cataclysm." When the entire System is wiped out to prevent the attack, Caelum spared the infant Zane so lightning could still be produced on earth. With the Rain System now reigning over Caelum, Zane is determined to uncover the secrets behind his System's downfall.

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