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Asteroids in Astrology

Today we will learn about asteroids in astrology! The location of each asteroid at your birth impacts the role they will play throughout your life. Below we will delve into the main asteroids and their personality influences!

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How Asteroids Influence Astrology

Since asteroids were first discovered astronomically in the 1800s, asteroid placement is one of the latest developments in astrology and continues to grow in popularity and practice. While some traditional astrologers don't incorporate the asteroids in their readings since they were omitted from ancient astrology, many modern astrologers attest to the significant influence asteroids play in our natal charts.

In astrology, each asteroid influences a unique aspect of your life. The location of these celestial bodies at your time of birth can significantly impact your approach to life. Each asteroid amplifies certain qualities and characteristics that make up your core personality. They can determine how you approach commitment or expose your deepest wounds. The Zodiac sign each asteroid is placed in your natal chart indicates how it will manifest in your life. To view the location of the asteroids at your birth, consult a natal chart calculator.

Son of the Sun, C. M. Ramsburg

“Don't worry, we'll go over asteroids in your birth chart and mapping lessons.”

The Asteroids and Their Meanings

Discovered in the 1800s and beyond, the majority of asteroids are located within the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. The four primary asteroids in astrology are Ceres, Juno, Pallas, and Vesta with Chiron being an honorary asteroid whose classification is still disputed. Here's how the placement of each main asteroid in your natal chart influences your personality and values.

Ceres (⚳): Asteroid of Nourishment

Ceres is the largest asteroid and the first one to be astronomically discovered in 1801. As the Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility, Ceres is the Roman equivalent of Demeter in Greek Mythology. Therefore, the positioning of Ceres in our natal charts represents how one seeks comfort and self-care. For example, those with Ceres in Libra may turn to art and beauty to find inner peace.

Chiron (⚷): Asteroid of the Wounded Healer

First spotted in 1977, Chiron is one of the most recently discovered heavenly bodies in astrology and its astronomical classification is still up for debate. This planetoid is named after Chiron the Centaur from Greek Mythology. Chiron is known for his extraordinary wisdom and healing capabilities. He was later wounded and couldn't heal himself, eventually dying and being placed in the night sky as the Sagittarius Constellation. The planetoid's placement at one's birth reveals our core inner wounds and how to heal them. For example, those with Chiron in Aries may contain wounds revolving around anger or selfishness and can heal these wounds by channeling excess energy positively.

Juno (⚵): Asteroid of Commitment

Discovered in 1804, Juno is the third asteroid to be detected in our solar system. Juno is the Roman goddess of love and marriage, making her the equivalent of Hera in Greek Mythology. The placement of this asteroid reveals one's approach to relationships and emotional connections. Juno's placement in the natal chart significantly influences how one manages relationships, commitment, and attachments. For example, those with Juno in Taurus desire stable and secure partnerships they can rely on.

Pallas (⚴): Asteroid of Wisdom

Pallas was the second asteroid to be discovered in 1802 and has the third largest size. Pallas Athene is named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and victory—Athena. The placement of this asteroid influences our logic, wisdom, and intelligence. For example, those with Pallas in Cancer use their emotions and feelings to drive their logic and thought processes.

Vesta (⚶): Asteroid of Spirituality

Vesta is a dwarf planet discovered in 1807 and orbits around the asteroid belt. In astrology, Vesta's positioning influences our spirituality and reveals what we hold sacred. Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth and home and is known as Hestia in Greek Mythology. The placement of this asteroid influences our passions and sexual energy. For example, Vesta in Pisces can enhance the inherently spiritual nature of Pisces while Vesta in Virgo means volunteering and selfless acts are among their core values.

Knight of the Night, C. M. Ramsburg

“I can't believe the alignment of some rocks at your time of birth can really impact your personality this much.”

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Jul 19, 2022

I can’t believe the asteroids even have names! Someone is keeping track of all these giant boulders ripping through space. Wow. This is fascinating. I will take a look at my chart with the link you provided. Thanks so much!

C. M. Ramsburg
C. M. Ramsburg
Jul 19, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much, Naomi! Many don't realize how big of a role asteroids play in modern astrology. It's definitely an advanced astrology subject for those trying to master natal chart readings. Hopefully this article offers a simplified overview of the major asteroids and the ways they shape our personality!

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