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Are You Feeling Lucky?

Today we will highlight what makes each Zodiac Sign lucky! Each Sign has lucky gems, fragrances, numbers, and days associated with them. What brings you luck and good fortune depends on your Zodiac Sun Sign. Read on to learn how to sprinkle extra luck into your life!

Welcome to Ramstrology, the astrology blog written by Aries Ram, C. M. Ramsburg! Ramstrology delves into various Zodiac systems to highlight their diverse cultural influences. In this blog series, you'll learn the basic principles of astrology that are found in my YA Fantasy, SON OF THE SUN.

Below we will examine what brings luck to each individual Zodiac Sign. Please take note of the lucky gems, fragrances, days, and numbers that bring your Sign good fortune. Understanding what brings us luck may allow us to manipulate the odds in our favor.

Ramstrology's Lucky Zodiac Chart

Lucky Gems

Gems and crystals hold significant value to an astrologer. Each gem contains a unique energy that can sprinkle extra luck into your life. Which gem will bring about these positive influences depends on your Zodiac Sun Sign and its Ruling Planet. For example, rubies and red coral are associated with the planet Mars. Therefore, Aries and Scorpio benefit from these gems as Mars is their ruling planet. Unsurprisingly, these two gems enhance one's personal power and courage, which are characteristics typical of Mars. Similarly, Cancer is the only Sign ruled by the Moon, so Cancer is the only Sign that benefits from the use of moonstone. Using Ramstrology's Lucky Zodiac Chart as a guide, you may take note of your Sign's lucky gems and implement them in your everyday life to increase your fortune. For more information about the vital role gems play in astrology, I will be doing a separate blog post solely on Zodiac gems that I will later link here.

Son of the Sun, C. M. Ramsburg

“He smiled down at the red stone in his palm, feeling the warmth it gave him. It was not every day he came across one of his lucky gems. ”

Lucky Fragrances

Lucky fragrances typically enhance the nature of its Zodiac Sign. For example, deep scents like lavender and peppermint are mentally stimulating to Gemini. Meanwhile, citrus scents like orange and lime compliment the flavorful and bright nature of Leo. As an Earth Sign, Virgo prefers earthy scents found in herbs, such as basil and rosemary. Taking note of the fragrances that bring your Sign good fortune, you may acquire these lucky scents in the form of perfumes, candles, and oils.

Son of the Sun, C. M. Ramsburg

“She violently thrashed through the pile, rolling around among the pines to capture their scent. 'This smell should keep me lucky for days!'”

Lucky Days and Numbers

You will notice that Sagittarius has the most lucky days of the week in the above chart. Sagittarius is often considered the luckiest Sign in the Zodiac, and their lucky days contribute to this. You will find many similarities between lucky days of the week and Signs of the same element. For example, the Air Signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are all lucky on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Similarly, the three Earth Signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are all lucky on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays as well. Signs of the same element are interconnected, often sharing the same lucky aspects with one another. However, there are outliers that deviate from this model, like Sunday being a lucky day for a Pisces but not for a Cancer. Lucky numbers are just as important as lucky days of the week. Lucky numbers can apply to almost anything, ranging from lucky calendar days and years to the best number to choose when taking a risky guess. Knowing your Sign's lucky numbers may help you manipulate the odds in your favor the next time you're in need of some extra luck.

Son of the Sun, C. M. Ramsburg

“It was now the 23rd and a Saturday — a double lucky combo for her. She sat up, noticing the brightness of day and the Sun’s comforting rays shining upon her.”

Increase Your Luck

Now that you know what brings your Zodiac Sign good fortune, it is time to implement these good luck charms in your real life. Go forth with the confidence that luck is on your side!

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