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Aries the Ram

Today we will highlight the First House of the Zodiac: Aries the Ram! This fiery sign rules from March 21 - April 19. Read on to learn more about this ambitious sign and the Zodiac Keeper that embodies it!

Welcome to Ramstrology, the astrology blog written by Aries Ram, C. M. Ramsburg! Ramstrology delves into various Zodiac systems to highlight their diverse cultural influences. In this blog series, you'll learn about the 12 western signs and receive an exclusive look at the 12 Zodiac Keepers featured in C. M. Ramsburg's YA Fantasy, SON OF THE SUN.

Aries Mantra

“I always win but I remain humble."

I would like to start off by saying that Aries is my own personal Sun Sign. I exhibit many of the characteristics most associated with an Aries, including passion, drive, optimism, enthusiasm, and determination. Meanwhile, I am working to improve the weaknesses and shortcomings that many Aries share, such as impatience and competitiveness. While Aries often gets a bad rap for being impulsive and aggressive, those born under this sign are honest and loyal by nature, making them ideal leaders.

What to Know about Aries

Aries is a Fire Sign, along with Leo and Sagittarius. Fire is a masculine element that combines the Zodiac qualities of hot and dry. The fiery nature of Aries allows it to burn brighter than life. This fire encourages an Aries to push forward in life with competitiveness and impatience, driving them to become the best that they can be in the shortest amount of time. The totem of Aries is the Ram, originating from the Greek legend of the Golden Fleece. The Golden Fleece emphasizes the natural tendency for Aries to be the golden hero, sharing their energy and power with those in need.

Aries' ruling planet is Mars, associating the sign with the God of War. Mars is fast-paced, instinctive, and aggressive. However, Mars is also associated with positive strength and energy. Mars is a prideful planet that encourages honor and dignity, allowing an Aries to uphold a soldier's mentality.

Jason Lundell, Keeper of Aries

“What if I could burn down the mold that defines me and create a new one in my image?”

Jason Lundell is the 21-year-old Keeper of Aries in my YA Fantasy, SON OF THE SUN. He has red eyes that reflect his will of fire and orange hair that flows upward to mimic flames. He loves war history and admires those who sacrificed everything at the hands of it. He often seeks out military sites where he can hear the soldiers' spirits calling out to him. He is often impatient, aggressive, and driven to the point of selfishness. However, he values friendship and brotherhood above all else. He is often loyal to a fault, wanting to lift his comrades up to his level despite the consequences. Jason may be impossible to defeat in any physical competition, but he will always offer out his hand to those he bested.

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