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Basics of Celtic Astrology

Today we will learn the basics of Celtic Astrology! Druids have practiced Celtic Astrology since 1000 BCE, believing the universe is like one big tree with roots that run as deep as the branches are high. Celtic Astrology studies and interprets trees to draw conclusions about the universe instead of using the stars, like most other astrological systems. Below we will delve into the origins of Celtic Astrology and the Animal and Tree Signs that are associated with it!

Welcome to Ramstrology, the astrology blog written by Aries Ram, C. M. Ramsburg! Ramstrology delves into various Zodiac systems to highlight their diverse cultural influences. In this blog series, you'll learn the basic principles of astrology that are found in my YA Fantasy, SON OF THE SUN.

History of the Celtic Zodiac

Celtic Astrology was born around 1000 BCE and is largely based on the sanctity of trees. Those who studied Celtic Astrology were called Druids. Druids were highly regarded as holding superior knowledge and wisdom. Druids used their knowledge of trees to study and interpret the connection between people and fate instead of reading the stars, as typically seen in other astrological systems. Unlike Western Greek Astrology, Celtic Astrology is based on a 13-month lunar cycle instead of using the Sun as its base. There are both tree signs and animal signs in Celtic Astrology. Everyone is assigned their tree and animal signs at birth. Below you will find which sign corresponds to your birth and the meaning of your sign!

What Animal Sign are You in the Celtic Zodiac?

The Celtic Animal Zodiac is comprised of the sacred animals to the Celts. Many believed they were descendants of these animals or became these animal spirits after death. The spiritual world and the natural world were seen as one and the same. Everyone is assigned a Celtic Animal Sign at birth, the date ranges coinciding with the Celtic Tree Signs we will discuss later in this article.

Stag (December 24-January 20): Those born of this sign are proud and honorable people. They make natural leaders who always deliver on their promises. Their patience and persistence guides them until they achieve their goals.

Cat (January 21-February 17): Those born of this sign are witty and intellectual.They are great observers that use their strong intuition to reason. Outsiders may view them as mischievous but they have good intentions. They are also creative and artistic.

Snake (February 18-March 17): This sign is known for being persuasive and great at communication. Naturally curious, they are always seeking information to further their understanding of the world. They are often spontaneous and unpredictable.

Fox (March 18-April 14): This sign has a reputation for being sly and cunning. They have a wild nature and a gift for storytelling. They have a great sense of humor and a playful personality. They are courageous and full of energy, valuing loyalty in themselves and others.

Bull (April 15-May 12): Those born of this sign are strong and stable by nature. They are reliable and honest to the point of brutal honesty. While they are often stubborn, they are trustworthy and make great friends. They are intuitive and occasionally moody.

Seahorse (May 13-June 9): This sign is clever and resourceful. They are often flexible by nature and are always quick to adapt. They have sharp minds and have an excellent memory. Their imagination and versatility allows them to see solutions others cannot see.

Wren (June 10-July 7): Those born of this sign are loving and nurturing. They are naturally helpful and take care of others. Meanwhile, they are motivated and work best alone. They are resourceful and handle pressure well. They have a warm presence.

Horse (July 8-August 4): This sign is powerful and competitive. They are confident and always working to improve themselves. They are headstrong and make great leaders with a charm that gravitates people toward them. They are often passionate overachievers.

Salmon (August 5-September 1): Those born of this sign view the world differently than others, making them creative and intuitive. They enjoy isolation and introspection. They are dreamers who feel deeply. They often provide great insight and visions.

Swan (September 2-September 29): This sign is associated with class and elegance. Those born of this sign enjoy luxury and beauty. They are loving but maintain proper composure. They are detail-oriented and organized. They are perceptive and have great taste.

Butterfly (September 30-October 27): Those born of this sign are social butterflies. They have gentle natures and love to dream. They have a bright presence that makes those around them happier. They possess a childlike wonder and are empathetic towards others.

Wolf (October 28-November 24): This sign is brave and fearless, often seen as heroes. They love challenges and will overcome them with confidence. They are honorable with an unbreakable will. They make great leaders, possessing both strength and keen intelligence.

Hawk (November 25-December 23): Those born of this sign have razor-sharp focus. They are ambitious and carry out their goals. They value wisdom and sharing knowledge. They are philosophical and often opinionated. They respect balance and generosity.

Son of the Sun, C. M. Ramsburg

“A large wolf appeared in front of her. Its fur was mostly white with gray streaks here and there. Its bright blue eyes stared at her with alarm. The beautiful and magnificent creature momentarily distracted her from her heated foe.”

Celtic Tree Astrology

Celtic Tree Astrology is based on the idea that trees contain spirits full of knowledge and wisdom. The Druids believed that trees represented Life, Death, and Renewal. The Celtic Tree of Life represents harmony in the universe, where the roots are the same size as the branches. Celtic Tree Astrology shares the basic astrological principle that your time and place of birth influences your personality. Below you will find your Celtic Tree Sign.

Birch (December 24-January 20): Known as great achievers, those born of this sign are highly motivated and driven. They are natural leaders, both tolerant and resilient. They are always searching for something better and motivating others to do the same.

Rowan (January 21-February 17): Known as brilliant minds and thinkers, those born of this sign are often philosophers with creative and original ideas. While they may come off as quiet and aloof, they may often find themselves being highly influential to others.

Ash (February 18-March 17): Those born under this sign are highly intuitive. They dwell deep into their emotions, making them creative and artistic. They feel emotions deeply, causing them to become moody during their path toward self-discovery.

Alder (March 18-April 14): This sign is associated with passion and determination. Those born of this sign will fearlessly chase what they want with confidence, going where others are too afraid to. They burn with energy that naturally attracts followers toward their light.

Willow (April 15-May 12): Those born of this sign are often patient and realistic. They are known for their intelligence, which pairs well with their creative minds. This sign is often associated with memory and intuition.

Hawthorne (May 13-June 9): Those born of this sign are often hard to read. Their outward projection that they show the world is often different from their true selves. They are curious and have a lot if insight to share with others.

Oak (June 10-July 7): This sign is associated with strength and will. Those born of this sign are often protective and stick up for those who cannot stick up for themselves. They are positive and confident, enjoying a structured life where they're in control.

Holly (July 8-August 4): This noble sign is associated with leadership and power status. Those born of this sign are often over-competitive and ambitious. This sign is arguably lucky because things often come natural and easy for them.

Hazel (August 5-September 1): Those born under this sign are academically inclined, making it a point to stay well-informed. They are detail-oriented, but may come off as an arrogant know-it-all and control freak if they are not careful.

Vine (September 2-September 29): This sign is notoriously unpredictable. Those born under this sign often evaluate both sides of a given argument or situation, making them indecisive. They enjoy luxury and the finer things in life, loving music and art.

Ivy (September 30-October 27): This sign is known for its perseverance and fighting spirit. Things don't often come easy to those born of this sign, but they will overcome any odds with sheer will. They have charm and wit, naturally loyal and compassionate toward others.

Reed (October 28-November 24): Those born of this sign are secretive while acting as a secret keeper for others. They are natural detectives, trying to find bigger truths. They can be manipulative if they are not careful, but they value honesty and integrity above all else.

Elder (November 25-December 23): This sign is known for its free spirit. Those born of this sign are always looking for their next adventure and thrill. They love to help others to the point of brutal honesty. They are often seen as wild and fast-paced by others.

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