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Virgo the Virgin

Today we will highlight the Sixth House of the Zodiac: Virgo the Virgin! This patient sign rules from August 23 - September 22. Read on to learn more about this loving sign and the Zodiac Keeper that embodies it!

Welcome to Ramstrology, the astrology blog written by Aries Ram, C. M. Ramsburg! Ramstrology delves into various Zodiac systems to highlight their diverse cultural influences. In this blog series, you'll learn about the 12 western signs and receive an exclusive look at the 12 Zodiac Keepers featured in C. M. Ramsburg's YA Fantasy, SON OF THE SUN.

Virgo Mantra

“I can love myself as much as I love others.”

Virgo represents the search for purity and the goodness found in humankind. Those born of this Sun Sign are often kind, loyal, and organized. Virgos are known animal lovers who find peace within nature. Not only are Virgos well-organized, but they are also immaculately clean because of it. However, Virgos can be overly cautious and get bogged down by insignificant details. Virgos can be shy, worrisome, and overly critical of themselves and others. However, their tendency to over-analyze comes from a place of sympathy and love for humankind.

What to Know about Virgo

Virgo is an Earth Sign, along with Taurus and Capricorn. Earth is a feminine element that combines the Zodiac qualities of cold and dry. The earthy nature of Virgo keeps them in touch with nature and encourages their love for animals. Virgo is practical like its fellow Earth Signs but tends to focus on the smaller details that others often overlook. The totem of Virgo is the Virgin, often associated with the harvest and depicted carrying wheat. Virgo is often compared to an angelic woman who is pure and reserved. Virgos are often misunderstood because they struggle to accept their own emotions and feelings. Virgos may reject and deny their true feelings if they find them illogical.

Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury, making them ideal writers and speakers. While they excel in communication, their shy and reserved nature can mitigate these abilities. Mercury strongly impacts a Virgo's physiology and thought process. Mercury can push a Virgo to wander by themselves, seeking a greater understanding of humanity as a whole.

Violet Weston, Keeper of Virgo

“My loneliness is now subsiding, all because this unexpected friend has entered my life through pure fate.”

Violet Weston is the 18-year-old Keeper of Virgo in my YA Fantasy, SON OF THE SUN. She has green eyes, curly red hair, and freckles. She lives on her overprotective father's California Vineyard that she has grown to view as her own personal prison. She suffers from loneliness, finding companionship among her multitude of pets and her vibrant garden that she nurtures herself with her earth powers. Violet is loving and compassionate, but her trusting attitude can be dangerous. She is often gullible and naive as she learns to navigate human relationships.

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Jul 17, 2020

Your description of Virgo is very accurate. We are quiet reserved deep thinkers who question everything. Well done!

C. M. Ramsburg
C. M. Ramsburg
Jul 19, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much! Virgo is one of my favorite Zodiac Signs and I really enjoyed designing the Keeper of Virgo in my novel!

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